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Since 2013, we have reached over..
3 million people
 spreading the gospel

in theSoCal Harbors

"If one, turn to Christ, because of our efforts, it was worth it!"

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we do life with people from all walks of life, Christians or non-Christian.
July 4th Celebration -"Party in the Park", fed over 400 people, most were homeless or in poverty, to try to reach people for Christ.
Christmas Boat Parades: our main outreach event of the year every year is partcipating in the SoCal harbor Christmas boat parades; Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego 
We have visited China and spread the gospel thru teaching English , by partnering up with an english teaching christian organization.

Connect people to the love of Jesus Christ.

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we go out to different local bars and show people how to live with the fullness of Christ. 
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We have visited Brazil , helped with rehabilitation of a building, church planting for the local community.
​​​CDMinistries, Inc



Every year in Orange County, there are several Christmas boat parades that takes place during the month of December, 2 of which CDMinistries, Inc. have been able to participate in 2013, 2014, and 2015. 

We've also done missionary work in other countries such as India, China and Brazil, where we have spent time and resources teaching about the bible while focusing on those that don't know Jesus Christ.

Spent several years street preaching in the streets of Las Vegas, Denver and Nashville. 

mission trip

We've gone and ministered in jail and taught people about Jesus, read  and studied the bible with the inmates.

boat parade

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Whether on the street, on a boat, on a plane, in an event or even on social media, our focus is to spread the gospel.
Shoes 4 Hope: collected over 1200 pairs of shoes to benefit the Adult Rehabilitation of Salvation Army in OC

We also have spoken at different local churches in Las Vegas and organizations such as The Las Vegas Rescue Mission. We are looking to start speaking at different local churches in SoCal in 2016 and as well as expanding our ministry by partnering up with other local non-profit organizations that have the same vision and mission as CDMinistries, Inc. 

we love people. we like to hang out with everyone and just enjoy each other's company and getting to know each other, and celebrate each other.
We have been to India twice, to encourage indian bible college students teaching them to be missionaries and evangelists.
EDC -Music Festival : we went out and represented Jesus Christ by wearing "Trust Jesus" shirts, handed out tracks to attendees,, talking to people about living life for Jesus.


Benefit Concert: held in Maharashtra, India, with total attendees of 200 sponsors that benefitted 19 orphanages all around India.
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With a total of 1M people visit Newport Beach Harbor to view the Christmas Boat Paradeyearly. We've participated in the boat parades to evangelize in several harbors every year sine 2013;  San Diego Harbor, Huntington Harbor, Newport Beach Harbor.

We believe that there's no limit when it comes to reaching those who don't know Jesus is Lord.